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Visual advertising is becoming more and more important as consumers become more visual. People often turn to the Internet these days to get their video fixes. Sites like YouTube are more popular than ever. Videos are a great way to reach out to customers on a different level than traditional banner advertising. That’s why The Poughkeepsie Journal Media Group offers affordable video services. We help you develop unique, high-quality videos to grab the attention of your target consumers and present your products and services in a brand new way.

What Are Video Advertising Services?

Video advertising uses videos to appeal to customers. This can be done in many different ways. You can use commercials, how-to videos, informational videos, and even comedy to try to draw in your target customers. There is no specified length that these videos need to be, but keeping them succinct is a great way to retain the interest of your customers. Here at The Poughkeepsie Journal Media Group, we help you to develop great video ads by building off of our experience and analysis of your target audience.

Benefits to Video Ads

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When done the right way, video ads can draw in more customers than you ever dreamed possible. Benefits to using video to appeal to customers include:

  • Appealing to customers on a new emotional level
  • Higher visibility placements
  • Increased searches online for your business and products
  • Increase in business traffic
  • A boost in brand loyalty
  • Easily share videos through social networks, emails, and websites

By jumping on board with video ads, you are increasing the chances of reaching out to your ideal customers. The more contact you have with these types of customers, the more likely you are to see website visits convert to sales.

Why Choose The Poughkeepsie Journal Media Group?

Here at The Poughkeepsie Journal Media Group, we dedicate ourselves to your success. We have been making video ads for years, and we put that expertise to work for you. With us, you get excellent customer service whenever you need it. We have access to the latest and greatest technology for developing customized digital ad campaigns. We use the most recent analytical tools to help you identify your target audience for more defined advertising. When you need attention to detail and daily monitoring of your website and existing ad campaign, we are the company to turn to.

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No matter how small or big your business is, we can help you develop an effective video advertising strategy to reach your target customers and boost your business traffic. To learn more Contact us or call 914.694.5158 today.

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